Drive a Dinghy

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The Drive a Dinghy is a trick that can be performed on the Halo 3 multiplayer level, Longshore.


First, the player must get a gun with a large magazine, preferably an SMG. From Forge, the player must then place a dinghy somewhere but not place it in the water yet. They should fill the dinghy with the weapon they chose. They should be set to instantly respawn. They must pick up the dinghy slowly and not spill the weapons in the water and point the engine towards their intended destination. They should quickly get onto the dinghy and shoot/spray 3-4 rounds onto the dinghy. The amount of bullets does not matter. The player should then face the direction of their destination with the engine to their front.

Next, they should melee the engine four times, shoot, then melee again like before, and then shoot it again. They should repeat the cycle until they reach their intended destination. Additionally, the player can place a turret on the back of the dinghy for a friend to operate and kill enemies. To steer the dinghy, they can melee the sides of the engine.

  • To prevent the dinghy from sinking, the player should just shoot or melee it once in a while.
  • All variants of the doors can float. Place it in the water, and after a few seconds it would stop moving. After that has happened, the doors would not sink unless moved by forge monitor. This glitch allows players to create jetty structures on the water.
  • The single box also may be used to create jetties.
  • Most of the scenery objects will float in the water, allowing for levels on the water.