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Season 03: Echoes Within
Week Start and End Dates (DD/MM/YYYY) Name Requirements Menu icon for Halo Infinite Challenges: Weekly Ultimate Mythic tier.
Mythic Tier Requirement
(500 XP Reward)
1 07/03/2023 - 14/03/2022 Raise the Stakes Complete Matches in the Featured Unlimited Playlist 5 Icon of the Purple Reign Coating
Purple Reign M392 Bandit Coating
2 14/03/2023 - 21/03/2022 Escalation Sensation Earn Kills or Assists in the Featured Unlimited Playlist 30 Icon of the Sweep and Clear Stance
Sweep and Clear Stance
3 21/03/2023 - 28/03/2022 Power Moves Kill Enemy Spartans with Power Weapons in PvP 10 Icon of the Burnt Chrome Coating
Burnt Chrome Mark VII Armor Coating