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Sangheili, Huragok[1]


Covenant (formerly)[1]


Bhedalon (Tide of Celebration in English) is a watery planet and a fortress world of the Sangheili. Once a part of the Covenant hegemony, the empire had used Bhedalon as a seat of power.[1]


A fortress world of the Sangheili, the Covenant used Bhedalon as a seat of power. With the outbreak of the Great Schism and the subsequent collapse of the Covenant, fighting broke out on Bhedalon. The resulting conflict ended in vast amounts of destruction across Bhedalon, with large fields of debris floating across the world's surface. Most of what made the world valuable was lost in wake of the Great Schism, having sunk to the bottom of Bhedalon's oceans.[1]

Prior to October 2558, the Servants of the Abiding Truth arrived at Bhedalon, gaining the services of Even Keel, a Huragok that had been attempting to repair what he could of the carnage across the planet.[1]

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