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Arrelts is a female crew member with whom Kowalski flirts with. She appears only in the memory that Melissa uses for her benchmark test in the Phase 2 Operator's Monologue.

Partial Transcript[edit]

Memory benchmark test:

ONI tech Kowalski: I do love a girl in uniform. Got shore leave tonight by any chance?

Midshipman Arrelts: (laughs) Maybe.

ONI tech Kowalski: I was thinking, maybe we could... ///

Midshipman Arrelts: Was that what you were thinking?

ONI tech Kowalski: (coughs) Anyway, she shouldn't feel that slowness through Nav & Comm. anymore.

Midshipman Arrelts: Great. You know what they say: Happy ship -

ONI tech Kowalski: - happy crew. Yeah. (coughs) Yeah, I know a lot of about these systems.

Midshipman Arrelts: That's great, what with it being your job and all.

ONI tech Kowalski: fr'instance - know what the single /// best correlate is for these babies, in terms of matching personality to service designation? Favorite game.

Midshipman Arrelts: Favorite game?

ONI tech Kowalski: You know, from before. Tag - that's regular navy, like destroyers. Command HQ is usually Truth or Dare, something like that. Red Rover -

Midshipman Arrelts: Light /// picket?

ONI tech Kowalski: Couriers, too.

Midshipman Arrelts: (laughs) I never would have thought... So what about her?

ONI tech Kowalski: The Operator? (coughs) File's classified.

Midshipman Arrelts: /// Even for you?

ONI tech Kowalski: Well, of course, I know, but I really shouldn't.

Midshipman Arrelts: Come on! I won't tell!

ONI tech Kowalski: Well... /// (whispers) Spin the Bottle.

Midshipman Arrelts: (laughs)

ONI tech Kowalski: (laughs)

Midshipman Arrelts: (laughs)

ONI tech Kowalski: So, maybe dinner tonight?

Lock that away: a little glimpse in the mirror I'm not supposed to see.

Except he's lying. He's lying to her, Trying to impress her he's lying because that's the wrong game (how do I know that?) it's the wrong game and I know I can feel it my favorite game is /// HIDE AND SEEK!

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