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from: Brandon Rebuga <brebuga4@gmail.com>
to: Eric Nylund <eric@ericnylund.net>
date: Feb 15, 2007 9:41 PM
subject: Another question
mailed-by: gmail.com

Recently, someone asked what happened to the Army. Someone else said that it was still around, but that the Corps was mainly used since the Army is more for planetary defense and not suited to go riding on ships hither and yon across the galaxy.

So my question is, is there still an Army and an Air Force?

(Also, the Antilon AP Mine, did you mean for that to be Antlion or is it my lack of vocab)

-- -Brandon

from Eric Nylund <eric@ericnylund.net>
to Brandon Rebuga <brebuga4@gmail.com>
date Feb 16, 2007 8:41 AM
subject RE: Another question


Yes the UNSC Army is still around. What they are doing...I have to leave that for future HALO stories to tell.

As for the Air Force, I’m not sure. No one has really ever discussed that. It is very likely that it has been absorbed into the greater “Naval” arm of the military.

RE: the AP mine. Can you give me a page reference please?

All best wishes,

Eric Nylund

from Brandon Rebuga <brebuga4@gmail.com>
to Eric Nylund <eric@ericnylund.net>
date Feb 16, 2007 3:03 PM
subject Re: Another question
mailed-by gmail.com

The Antilon AP Mine is mentioned on page 19 of Halo: First Strike.

-- -Brandon

from Eric Nylund <eric@ericnylund.net>
to Brandon Rebuga <brebuga4@gmail.com>
date Feb 17, 2007 9:39 AM
subject RE: Another question

Yes, that is a typo. It should, of course, be “antlion.”

Thanks for finding it. I’ll let Del Rey know so they can fix it.

Many thanks,

Eric Nylund