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Letter To Bungie

RE: Halo UNSCDF Ranking system

Dear Bungie,

We represent an interested party from "Halopedia", a Halo based Wiki at, http://halopedian.com/. While folks here are doing a great job, we do occasionally run into problems.

One problem that has plagued us for the longest time are the ranks of the UNSC Marine Corps and the UNSC Navy. The disagreement is basically, what system does the UNSCDF use for its ranks:

  • One argument is that the ranks are exact or similiar to the real-life U.S. Navy and Marine Corps ranks.
  • Others say that it could be other countries or a mixture of American and other countries.
  • Some even say that it could be their own unique ranking system for the U.N.

The exact argument can be seen here: http://halopedian.com/Template_talk:Ranks

We would really appreciate us if you could give us a good idea of their ranking structure and what designs are used to indicate these ranks (such as shoulder patches or other decor) so we can resolve this debate and continue our efforts too keep our wiki as accurate and helpful as possible.

With much praise,

"The Halopedia 7eam"

JohnSpartan117, Climax Void, Ryanngreenday, Haloman333, Dragonclaws, ED, RelentlessRecusant, Vlad3163, 343 Guilty Spark, apu1212

Letter To Eric Nylund

from Brandon Rebuga
to eric@ericnylund.net <eric@ericnylund.net>
date Dec 7, 2006 7:47 PM
subject Halo UNSC Ranking System
mailed-by gmail.com

I know this sounds a tad petty, but I was wondering if you could confirm for me a ranking system that the UNSC Navy and Marines follow. Thus far, they have both followed the American version to the letter, but there are some who need absolute proof. Thank you

-- -Rotaretilbo aka Brandon Rebuga

from Eric Nylund <eric@ericnylund.net>
to Brandon Rebuga
date Dec 7, 2006 7:56 PM
subject RE: Halo UNSC Ranking System

I used the American system when I wrote the novels; however, there are anomalies like “Lord” Hood. (?) Bungie will have to explain that one (and they after all have final say on what is canon in their universe). Hope that helps.

All best wishes,

Eric Nylund