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This is a list of tips on archiving Waypoint media from over the years.

Forum links

As Waypoint has evolved over the years there is a few types of links to look out for in regards to the forums. Priorities however are the then "current" links if one exists. Below is a list of most link types Waypoint has used for its forums so attempts can be made to archive stuff if they have been lost in later versions.

Pre-2014 Waypoint guides

Earliest form of Waypoint guide

1. Get a working age verification cookie. https://web.archive.org/web/20120611002115/http://halo.xbox.com:80/en-us/Universe/Detail/headhunters-2/19174019-97a0-4d67-8b0c-faeef2fb1bfe

2. Go here and volia you can see the old version of waypoint. https://web.archive.org/web/20090926023404/http://www.halo.xbox.com/en-us

Article recovery Guide

This is a guide to recover articles that the internet archive didnt save.

On the internet archive (well old Waypoint) there is an "id" for each Waypoint article. Articles may hold links which have these ids in them that the internet archive didnt save.

  • Example: 4aa60b40e301459b84df3e4df09b4ced (Authors: Part 1)

These can be used with the following url

Where you replace "ID" with the "id" of the article.

Video recovery guide

This is the guide to recover old Waypoint videos.

If you want a video you need to first recover the article the video was linked to like shown above.

Using the above examples above. To access the video you need

To recover the video you then need to use the following link. And replace VIDID with the video base url. And replace VIDMANI with the vid manifest code.