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About Me

Welcome traveler, I'm Flood12345 but my real name is Jaime. I love Halo since 2003. I joined Halopedia in 20 of November of 2008. I also like very much Halo fanon, I'm currently doing there the project Darkverse. I also had read Halo: Contact Harvest (which is my favorite), Halo: First Strike and Halo: The Fall of Reach.

My favorite Halo game is Halo 3, but I also play the Gears of War series, Rainbow Six series, Lost Planet, PGR series, etc. I love Spongebob.


I am here, with the foots on the land,

and my head in the tank with the guns,
figthing for freedom in a lost war,
and maybe one day, all of us will be free.

Perhaps is more out there that I thought,
and my footsteps mark the path of the gods.
I had listen the echoes of the death,
I had been under the rain of the pain,
and above the lifeless body of my soldiers.

Covered in blood and dirt walking in the battle,
seeing persons scream and then fall to their injuries,
fall to the punish of the gods and get their soul out,
and the enemy cheer in victory above the pools of blod,
and then crush their lifeless skull under their foots.

If we don't win, we will die, win is hope for us,
and fantansy too, we will die before we get a little hope
persons who are not teach by humans , will be teach by the gods
and now, the Gods are teaching us the pain. I wonder why?
I wonder.

"You were flooded in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!!!"
— Flood12345 Quote
"Awesome. Simply Awesome."
— Flood12345 Quote
"If you want a thing and you don't get it the first time; it is clear that you won't get it never"
— Flood12345 Qoute
— Flood12345 Quote
"If something don't kill you he first time, it will kill you the second time"
— Flood12345 Quote

Halopedian Goals

  1. Get Rollback Rights. (In progress)
  2. Get more friends. (Standing Goal)


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Mjolnir Mix
One Final Effort
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Three Gates
Preapare To Drop