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Why Seethroo Left

Hey, all. I'm Josh, AKA AgentSeethroo. You all know that I put this site together with the help of Buz (Rest in Peace), Dragonclaws, and Porplemontage. It grew like gangbusters during the time that I helped run it, and suddenly, I dropped off the face of the planet. There really is a reason.

When I was in Phoenix, I had a job that had a lot of downtime. I could keep my browser window open on the 'pedia and work on it all day, really. After I left Arizona, I moved to a very small town in East Texas where high speed internet was not available (OMG), and cell phone reception was nonexistent (OMG OMG!!). Needless to say, I wasn't able to do what I love to do, which is futz around on the internets with you people. I've bought a house in a much larger town, where the internets flow like wine, and now I'M BACK.

With Halo 4 on the horizon, I'm going to try to be an active editor once again. I look forward to kicking names and taking ass with all you guys.

Who Dat?

Hiya. I'm AgentSeethroo, and I'm the creator of this website, believe it or not.

I originally wrote this profile when I started the site in like 2005, and I guess it's finally time for me to freakin' get it together and update it.

I was in the US Air Force for 3 years, stationed in Phoenix, Arizona. Afterward, I went back to where I grew up: East Texas. You might think it's odd to leave the awesomely awesome big city and go back to podunksville, but it was something I had to do. I write about it a bit in my blog below.

I currently work for Coca-Cola as an inventory analyst, which is super boring. I'm also attending classes with Full Sail University to get a bachelors in Computer Animation. My dream job? Working with 343 Industries on the Halo franchise, of course.

Email me at

Gamercard Thinger


Ego Indulgence


Please note that these are all dead sites (with the exception of this one). I decided to keep this up for posterity.


I used to run a happy little network of sites known simply as the GamerFocus Wiki Network. Every site (except the blog) is a MediaWiki site. We are currently looking for a decent graphics designer, so if you're interested, leave me a message or email me. (don't bother)

The sites are:

The Main Page

And the Wikis

All the sites need good editors, and the blog could use some seasoned Game Reviewers.

Come on down, if you're not CHICKEN!

Other Sites I Admin/Sysop