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Lunar Revelation
Basic information
Real name

Lance Hamm


Pasadena, Texas


None, as of yet.


TVtropes, here, (sorta), and any information sites, really.

Places I've lived

Pasadena Texas, and a place north of there.


Standard public, but possibly private soon.

About me

I like Halo, reading, and writing. I want to get a Ph.D (not really sure in what, however), and figured I could help out a bit while I read. I try not to be obnoxious, how that turns out is yet to be seen. Oh, and I like moonlit nights, tvtropes, and moonlit wikiwalks into Tvtropes...

Xbox gamertag
Personal information

Terminator 2, Godzilla ones, X men, Lord of the rings, and Harry Potter (mostly perfer the books though) are my favs.


Doctor Who, History channel docs., mythbusters. No channels for a year or two, so kinda difficult to watch T.V :/


Not much for entire genres, more into very specific songs. More "epic" sounding pieces (like instrumental focus) are a fav, but otherwise: Kryptonite by Three doors down, Figure.09 by Linkin park, Nazi zombies music, and the doctor who soundtracks are the most notable.


The hunger games, Harry Potter, House of dark shadows series, EPIC trilogy, the Halo books, Some dragonriders of Pern, a few of the Drizzt books, the original Shannara trilogy, Percy Jackson books, Artemis fowl series, the spearwielder's tale, the Kane chronicles, and many I can't remember.

Video games

Halo, Mechassault 1/2, The elder scrolls, Fable 1 & 3, Gears of War, Resident Evil, Saints row 3, Legacy of kain, L4D2, among others.

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

"Giving the covenant back their bomb."

Worst Halo moment

When Keyes makes an appearence in Reach. Foregone conclusion, again.

Anything else

Bungie FTW

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