Terminal (Halo 4)/One

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Jul 'Mdama

Note: All dialogue in this terminal is spoken in Sangheili, and translated into English.

Jul 'Mdama arrives at Requiem.

Location Unknown

Several CAS-class assault carriers speed through space. A Commander strides down a passage. The door opens before him, revealing a large hangar and Jul 'Mdama.

  • Sangheili: "Shipmaster 'Mdama... It is where you said it would be."
  • Jul 'Mdama: "No, my loyal friend. The planet is where the Forerunners promised us it would be."

The camera focuses on a holographic image of Requiem for a second.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "Find us a way inside."

Jul's assault carrier approaches the planet.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "Requiem's treasures shall be ours."

3 Years Later

Jul's ship glides through space. A fleet of other ships drop out of slipspace around him, and take up a low orbit over Requiem.

  • Sangheili Storm: "Shipmaster 'Mdama! The raiding parties have returned. They bring supplies and news of a human ship!"
  • Jul 'Mdama: "Human? Did it follow them?"
  • Sangheili Storm: "No. Different approach vector."

The fleet approaches the ruined aft section of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "Prepare boarding parties! Keep the humans away from Requiem!"