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This template should be used when citing magazine issues. For other citation templates, see Template:Ref.



Field Name Optional or Required? Description Example
Id Optional An ID for the reference, so it can be reused. Make it tied to the source so it does not conflict with other IDs. PCG348
Magazine Required The name of the magazine being cited. PC Gamer
Year Recommended The year of publication of the relevant issue. 2020
Month Recommended The month of publication of the relevant issue. September
Issue Required The issue number being cited. 348
Title Recommended The title of the issue or article being cited. Special Report: How Halo 3's Maps Got Their Names
Page Recommended The page number being cited. 10-13
Detail Optional Used to clarify any extra details about the citation.
Quote Optional When citing a particular quote from the page or article, this should be used. However, it cannot be used if the Details field is used.
Quotee Optional The person being quoted, if the Quote field is being used. The Quote field can be used without this field, but it is not recommended to do so - the quote should usually be attributed to the person who wrote it unless it is unclear.