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Oracle Newsletter Volume I for Oracle Newsletter Volume I

Oracle Newsletter, Volume I (December 30)

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume I, and once again, the Oracle bids thou tidings in this release of the Oracle Newsletter!


  • I think that the individual UNSC Destroyer articles, such as the dear gallant UNSC Iroquois, need "Wikification". That is, they're messy, bloated pages, no offense intended, and need to have a concise topic sentence with the page name in bold.
  • If anyone could help out the Fire Team Charlie or Fire Team Zulu pages, that'd be great.
  • You a military genius? I am sure as hell not one, and if one could head over to the UNSC Military Units page and help out Mr. Ryan Day with his illustrious organizational chart, plus add in more stuff, that'd be appreciated.

Featured Quote: Sir - finishing this fight - SPARTAN-117

Personal Featured Page: UNSC Frigate (I'm a fleet junkie...can't help lovin' those blasting starships!)

Over and out, sir.