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A new light for the Halo film

Story by CommanderTony
August 8th, 2009


Could one of Hollywood's biggest stars be producing the Halo film adaptation? Let's hope so!


Image made by Bungie to announce the Halo Movie.

At Comic-Con 2009 this year, the Halo movie and Halo: Chronicles were canceled by a couple of quitters (kinda), the community as a whole was deeply saddened. For many years, we were led to believe that Halo and Chronicles were on their way to release, despite getting no solid information or even a teaser trailer. After this, we looked ahead at the future with Halo Legends filling the void of a movie left by those two men.

Well, only a few weeks later with hopes of a Live Action Halo movie gone, our nation may have some absolutely fvcking great news!

In a report to IESB.net, a solid and well trusted source leaked that Hollywood's most veteran director & producer is in active negotiations to bring the Halo film back to the big screen. Rumor has it that this man loved Stuart Beattie's script for the movie enough to be attracted to this monumental offer.

I'm not going to spoil the surprise of who this man is...so read it for yourself here.

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