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The Package Released on Waypoint

Story by Specops306
December 5th, 2009

Halo Legends screenshot
Elusive faces long sought for but never seen! Don't worry - none of these is good ole' John, though he does play a major role.


"Check your mailboxes, boys and girls, because a package just arrived!"
— Specops306


That's right, Part One of The Package is up on Waypoint, and doesn't disappoint. While Babysitter and Duel left me with, shall we say, mixed feelings, Package is how a Halo anime should be done. There are a few minor discrepancies - two more Spartans to add to the ever-increasing list of MIA's/KIA's, throwing the Fall of Reach's number out the window almost gleefully; the Prowler has a "cloaking device," which while anomalous doesn't seem implausible; the booster frames have shields while the Spartans don't; and the voice actor for one minor Elite character in particular just sounds horrible. With the exception of the latter, none of these are really anything major. Otherwise, its far more enjoyable than its predecessors - fast-paced, with some truly awesome combat scenes, and the replacement voice actor for the Chief actually does an acceptable job. Overall, the Package seems to lack the faults of its predecessors, and makes me excited for what the rest of the series holds in store.


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