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Layout guide/Map
Map overview


  • Game
    • Map Pack (If required)

Map file name (?):

The map's internal filename if known

Lore information

Map designation (?):

War Games Map-Set Designation


Location, Country, Continent, Planet

Date (?):

The date of the map's setting in-universe (If applicable)

Gameplay overview


Urban/ Woodland/ Desert etc

Map layout:

Symmetrical/ Asymmetric

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

List gametypes here

In-game description goes here.

The opening section should state which game the relevant map is for, and which DLC/ edition (IE the Halo CE/ 2 PC port-exclusive maps) is required to play it and (if relevant) that it is included in ports such as MCC, Halo Wars Definitive Edition, Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack or Halo 3 Mythic.

Universe and lore

Describe the level's fictional setting here from an out-of-universe standpoint. If needed, use {{Main|PageName}} to direct the reader to the subject's full article.



Includes a detailed description about the level's layout. Relevant information here should include weapon/ vehicle spawn locations (and timers) and objective locations. Due to the tendancy for maps to be updated over time, this section should specifically cover a map as presented on-disc.

  • In the case of Anniversary games, this section should include the default configuration of the map (IE the "new" layout). The "Anniversary" variant designed to emulate the original game's layout should be covered in Variants, below.
  • In the case of maps intended for Forging that have a default multiplayer layout (such as Foundry, Sandbox, Tempest or Ravine), this section can briefly describe the map's layout as intended for Forge, but should remain focused on the multiplayer layout - see Sandbox for an example of this in action.
  • For covering maps in the Halo Wars series, use this section similarly, but to describe supply and base locations as well as points of control such as cover, secondary reactors etc.

This section should include an image of the map as shown from above - heatmaps, MCC loading screen layouts and so forth all work.


If needed, use this sub-section to describe callout locations (specifically, ones provided in official strategy guides, in-game or otherwise - not anecdotal ones). Callouts should ideally be sourced from official info and accompanied by screenshots where possible.


Strategies should focus to those which is quick, simple and effective. Forge tips should be avoided. Strategies which can be referenced from official strategy guides and videos are even better.


This section should cover official remakes of this map in other games, and what changes they made (this section can also include info on the original map, if the subject map is a remake in of itself).


This section should go over official map variants used by Bungie/ 343 Industries in matchmaking and tournaments. Relevant map variants would be ones that include layout or weapon sandbox changes to an existing map (such as Sand Tarp). If possible, include links to download these map variants from file shares.

  • Updated layouts for matchmaking purposes may be included here.
  • For Anniversary remakes, this section should include detail on the "Anniversary" variant included on the disc.
  • MLG/ competitive map variants included in default game installation (such as those found on-disc in The Master Chief Collection) can be discussed here.


This section should be used to include relevant Forge gameplay. This is especially true for Forge Canvas maps such as Forge World, Impact or Alpine, but may also be used to describe specific unique objects only useable for the map in question. Tips on forging for this map should be given a dedicated sub-section here if necessary.


This section should cover relevant medals, nameplates, commendations and any other specific unlocks that can only be achieved on the subject map.


This section should include a table (such as the one found on this page) describing the achievements that can be unlocked on that map (only map-specific achievements to be included).

Production notes

This section should include notes on the level's development, if needed.


Redundant trivia should be avoided. Glitches, Easter Eggs, Misc Information, and References subsections should be added here. If Easter Eggs or Glitches are a large enough section, they can be given a dedicated heading above this one.


This section should be used to show images of the map.