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I'll see what I can do! :)

And well yes. You can totally customise how each skin works for you. So much you can even add code. Me and Dab can totally help you out with that if you want.

  • In a side note: Dont revert the Covenant logos. It was noted ages ago that the Ghost/Banshee logo in Halo CE was never said to be the logo of the Covenant. So best for us to avoid using it as such. Thought you'd like to know that. :D

Hey Editorguy,

I just made a proposal for a pretty wiki project over on the forums. It's pretty lengthy, but if you've got the time to read through it, I'd love to get your feedback on it!




Just a reminder we'd love ya on the Halopedia discord. xD Gotta buncha new folks who I'd think you'd love to discuss stuff with. (Plus a lotta wiki wide stuff you may wanna discuss.)



Your recent edits to the page "Insurrection resurgence" have been reverted, as there is not enough official backing to consider this conflict its own entity independant of the pre-Covenant insurrection. In the future, please refrain from instituting large sweeping changes like this without raising the issue on the talk page first, as often these changes can be potentially disruptive to the flow of the wiki if not handled carefully. If you disagree with this reasoning, feel free to contact me on my talk page, use the current Insurrection talk page or the Halopedia forums to lay out a Page Move proposal, or join our Discord to discuss the issue thoroughly with the Halopedia team and community.

This is the last time you will be warned for such actions, any future issues like these will be met with a temporary ban.



Hi, please refrain from moving pages without raising the issue on the talk page first. Additionally, it'd be great if you could try avoid making new pages where the page content simply consists of "expand this section".



Hey, it'd be great if you could hold off for now on creating more pages for Battle of Installation 04 topics, especially if they're going to have no content in them. I'm collating notes at the same time I write the articles, so they're being worked through individually.



No problem, thanks for the reply!

TLDR: Is his Reach appearance more similar to the CE/3 look? I would lean towards saying it's more like his other depictions, mainly due to the skin tone and hair/beard colour.

Yours is a fair conclusion, though upon more consideration, I'm starting to lean towards considering his Halo CE/Halo 3 designs outliers, with the rest of his depictions being grouped.

IMO, his design in Halo 2, Halo Reach, Halo 2 Anniversary & Another Day at the Beach is consistent enough to be considered the updated canon depiction.

Maybe it's just me, but I see these designs as quite consistent when graphical differences are taken into account:



Pete Stacker Reach.png


Compared to the much paler-skinned and lighter-haired Halo CE and 3 depictions:



We have precedent for characters appearing slightly younger/older, and/or with differing facial structures across graphical engines (Johnson, Hood and Miranda being the best examples) but none that I'm aware of for a character having a vastly different skin tone and much lighter hair and beard color.

Let me know your thoughts whenever you have the time, thanks.


Hey there Editorguy,

I'm writing to futher discuss the following:

"With the Installation 04 article, we use the design most consistent for the main image (Anniversary design was omitted as a 1 time thing). Going by the same logic, Stacker has the middle-aged bearded face in 3/4 games and the young shaven face 1/4 games."

Should we apply this same rule for characters main images? Applying the logic above, Rtas' Vadum and Miranda Keyes (for example) both have a consistent appearance between Halo 2 and Halo 3, and a different appearance in Halo 2: Anniversary. Despite this, both pages use the Anniversary depictions due to their higher quality. Should we not do the same for Stacker and change the main image back to his Another Day at the Beach depiction? (Which is well in line with both his original Halo 2 appearance, and his in-game anniversary appearance)

For your reference:

Proposed (and prior) main image from ADatB: H2A_Beach_-_Stacker.jpg

Halo 2: StackerHalo2.jpg

Halo 2 Anniversary: 364px-StackerHalo2A.jpg

Get back to me when you have time and let me know what you think,



The screenshots are higher quality and it takes a century to upload but i managed to do it in the end

best of both worlds