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Is it possible to persuade the guys on Halo Nation to: 1)Remove Merg Vol as the leader of Jul's faction 2)Stop calling Jul's Covenant Covenant Remnant 3)Add the proper symbol for the Covenant and Jul's Covenant (seen on Sunaion flags, Jul's comm picture, toys, halo fleet battles) instead of an old symbol found on vehicles and crates?


You should be able to deduce on your own that the content you wrote on Halo 4 was not needed. If I thought that the reversion warranted a reason, I would have stated it in the article's history log. Otherwise, I am not obligated to do such a thing.


Original source is Xbox Magazine October 2012, so use that, and not the link to scans. The page I pointed you to is a guide on how to cite stuff. As for edit summaries, if you're not formal in them, people won't take them seriously.