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Biographical information




March 19, 2511[1]






213 centimetres (7.0 ft) (in armor)[1]


110 kilograms (240 lb) (without armor)[1]

Hair color:

Dark red[2]

Eye color:

Emerald green[2]

Political and military information



Petty Officer, First Class[1]

Service number:


"Now I know what you have to do to get a couple of days' R-and-R in this outfit."
—Linda, after being resuscitated from clinical death aboard UNSC Gettysburg[3]

Petty Officer, First Class Linda-058, born Linda Pravdin,[1] is a SPARTAN-II supersoldier. She is one of the closest friends to John-117 and one of the few known surviving Spartan-IIs. She is best known for her skill with the sniper rifle and serves as the sniper and scout of Blue Team.[1] By 2558, she had engaged in a total of 189 military operations (of which 174 were full campaigns), most of them during the Human-Covenant War. As of most recent knowledge, Linda continues to serve alongside Blue Team in highly classified operations.[1]



Linda Pravdin was born on the outer colony of Verent in 2511. She would be the earliest known candidate for the SPARTAN-II program.[1] Prior to her conscription, Linda oversaw an "intelligence network" among her classmates, which she used to spy on her teachers.[4] In 2517, at age six, she was singled out as a physically and intellectually superior child by Doctor Catherine Halsey. She was then abducted, replaced with a flash clone, and sent to the FLEETCOM Military Complex on Reach. Linda then trained there with the SPARTANs under the guidance of Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and Déjà. She took part in training missions at Military Reservation 01478-B and the Military Wilderness Training Preserve in the Highland Mountains. By July 14, 2523, Linda and the Spartans had begun facing the formidable Tango Company in simulated war games.[5]

Early career[edit]

Linda and Blue Team storming Colonel Watts' apartment.

Linda adapted successfully to her augmentations in 2525, and recovered quickly enough that she was chosen for the SPARTAN-IIs' first mission in the Eridanus system; at this point, the Spartans did not yet have their later-trademark MJOLNIR armor.[6] She, along with John-117, Fred-104, Sam-034, and Kelly-087 boarded the Laden and traveled to the insurgent asteroid base Eridanus Secundus, where they infiltrated the facility and captured Colonel Robert Watts, the then-leader of the Eridanus rebels.[7] By 2531, Blue Team had repeatedly disrupted the operations of the United Rebel Front, including at Station Jefferson, onboard the destroyer Origami, in Micronesia, and at a high-explosives manufacturing facility at an unspecified location.[8] On May 1, 2531, Blue Team, then consisting of Linda, Kelly, Fred, John, and Kurt-051, had infiltrated a URF military base on Victoria, Camp New Hope. However, the Insurrectionists successfully ambushed Linda, Kelly, Fred, and John using an antigravity plate which disabled the Spartans.[9] Before the rebels could interrogate the Spartans, Kurt freed Blue Team using a M12 Warthog and Asteroidea anti-personnel mines. However, the rescue resulted in the death of the high-ranking rebel leader General Howard Graves.[10]

She was present at numerous battles during the Human-Covenant War, including Jericho VII in 2535 and Draco III in 2545. During the Battle of Draco III, the Spartans were unable to save the planet's residents as they were killed by Unggoy and Kig-Yar before Spartans could arrive.[11] In Operation: HORN AND HIDE, Linda was deployed on a Jiralhanae outpost on the world of Odenli'sh and took out a vital San'Shyuum missionary.[1] She was also at Sigma Octanus IV during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. She was designated as Green-One, leading SPARTAN-II Green Team into the suburbs around Côte d'Azur.[12] Her team scouted out the residential section of the city and found no survivors.[11] Green Team helped escort the twenty civilian survivors that Red Team (led by Joshua-029) had found and was able to successfully evacuate them before Blue Team detonated a HAVOK nuclear warhead in the heart of the city, destroying tens of thousands of Covenant forces stationed there. Linda was given strategic control of the evacuation.[13] Linda and her team then dusted off in a D77-TC Pelican which docked with the UNSC Leviathan and returned to Reach for debriefing.[14]

Fall of Reach[edit]

Main article: Fall of Reach
Linda, John, and James fighting on Gamma Station.

Linda was aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn for a short time until the Fall of Reach began.[15] She was designated as Blue-Three, part of John-117's team to Reach Station Gamma to destroy the unsecured NAV database of the Office of Naval Intelligence's UNSC Circumference.[16] John had chosen Linda for the mission due to her omnipotent abilities with a sniper rifle, figuring the space dock they were about to board would be large enough that her skills would be a tremendous asset.[17] During that mission, James-005 was out of commission and presumed KIA when his thruster pack was damaged by a Needler, causing him to spin out of control.[18] Linda and John were forced to enter the station, which was filled with Sangheili and Kig-Yar Rangers. She found the bay and assisted Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson's squad in holding off the Covenant forces long enough to escape.[19] However, as they jumped out of their Pelican to open the bay doors, she was hit by several overcharged bolts from plasma pistols and plasma rifles, which penetrated her armor and flesh all the way to the bone. One of the globules of plasma hit her in the back of the skull. Linda was recovered by a horrified John, but her vitals flatlined, and she was presumed dead.[20]

Installation 04[edit]

Main article: Battle of Installation 04

John-117, disheartened over the death of his close teammate, took her to the cryo facilities where they immediately froze Linda's body in a cryo chamber. The UNSC Pillar of Autumn then jumped to Installation 04.[21] As the ship was shot down by Covenant forces, most of the cryo chambers, including Linda's, were ejected as per standard UNSC procedure. She floated above the Halo for several days until after the destruction of the the installation. Linda was then detected by Cortana and John, who were in a Longsword fighter. They picked her and two other cryo pods up, but both of the other occupants had died when their chambers failed.[2]

When John-117, SSgt. Avery Johnson, Corporal Locklear, Lieutenant Elias Haverson, and PO2 Shiela Polaski captured the Covenant DDS-class carrier flagship Ascendant Justice, Linda, still in her cryo chamber, was brought aboard. Due to the extent of her injuries, she was left frozen until certified medical staff was available. She stayed on the Ascendant Justice until Dr. Halsey was rescued from Reach along with Fred-104 and the survivors of his team.[22] Dr. Halsey revived Linda aboard the UNSC Gettysburg. Doctor Halsey ended up performing surgery on Linda, transplanting her with newly flash-cloned kidneys and a liver which needed to be replaced due to her injuries. The operation was successful and Linda survived, but Doctor Halsey said it would be at least a week before she should even get out of bed; however, Linda disregarded this due to the imminent threat to Earth, and seemed to recover at least enough to go on a mission within a few days.[3]

Operation: FIRST STRIKE[edit]

Main article: Operation: FIRST STRIKE

Linda was then geared up and made ready for battle, but did not exhibit her exceptional skills until Operation: FIRST STRIKE. Linda was one of the Spartans who infiltrated Unyielding Hierophant, in the Tau Ceti system, in a Type-25 Spirit, providing cover for John-117, Fred-104, Will-043, and Grace-093 with a SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle.[23] She made sure the Spartans made it to the vessel's fusion reactors and allowed their overload by the team.[24]

As John, Will, and Fred evacuated, Linda, with some of her best and potent shooting skills, managed to shoot seven Sangheili pilots right out of their airborne Type-26 Banshee fliers one-handed and hanging upside-down from a cable.[25] She refused to give up her position to make sure her three comrades got out alive, even at the expense of her own life, until John ordered her to let him rescue her over the COM. She then sent the Spartan-derived Oly Oly Oxen Free over the COM and uploaded a NAV marker with her location to John's HUD. It turned out that she was actually hiding in broad daylight, but angled so that the sun would not reflect off of her suit, thus providing an undetectable cover from which she eliminated the Banshees.[26]

Fred and Linda reporting the destruction of Unyielding Hierophant to an ONI council.

After the Spartans flew their captured Banshees to a Covenant dropship, John ordered Linda to direct the dropship behind a nearby moon.[27] The Spartans later retreated to the Gettysburg and Linda took control of the ship's navigations. As the Unyielding Hierophant and the massive Covenant fleet were destroyed, the Gettysburg returned to Earth.[28] Linda and Fred were assigned by the Master Chief to partake in a debriefing by an ONI council concerning Operation: FIRST STRIKE.[29]

Battle of Earth[edit]

Main article: Battle of Earth

Following her return to Earth, Linda, as well as Fred-104 and Will-043, were called upon to perform a number of operations during the Battle of Earth up until November 3, 2552. These operations included numerous operations in orbit around Earth, such as stopping a Covenant invasion on Mount Erebus in Antarctica with a HAVOK tactical nuke, and destroying Covenant excavation forces on the sea floor off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.[30]

Following these operations, they were deployed to the Centennial Orbital Elevator (also known as Tallo Negro del Maiz) in Havana, Cuba to stop Covenant forces that had gathered there. Linda discovered that all UNSC forces in the area were killed by a Type-47 Scarab and Jiralhanae infantry. As Will destroyed the Scarab, Linda and Fred killed most of the Jiralhanae.[31] Linda, along with Blue Team, stopped the Covenant forces that had captured multiple nuclear warheads. While fighting Covenant forces, Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood relayed a message to the Spartans from Doctor Catherine Halsey on Onyx who asked for the support of Spartans to retrieve Forerunner artifacts. Hood had the UNSC Pony Express to pick up the Spartans, but Fred decided to use a Covenant ship instead to reach the Zeta Doradus system quicker.[32] The Spartans ascended the orbital elevator and destroyed one of the Covenant destroyers at the top. When the Covenant sent dropships to retrieve the warheads, the Spartans hid under the hull of one of them and waited as the dropships returned to the Bloodied Spirit, another destroyer.[33] To eliminate the Covenant forces in the ship, the Spartans depressurized the entire vessel.[34] As the Spartans prepared to jump to slipspace for the Onyx system, Linda armed the nukes and destroyed the space elevator.[35]


Main article: Battle of Onyx
"To absent friends."
—Linda, thinking of her fallen fellow Spartans aboard the Bloodied Spirit

Using the Bloodied Spirit, Linda and the other SPARTAN-IIs traveled to the planet Onyx at the request of Dr. Catherine Halsey. Linda arrived with Fred-104 and Will-043 in a crash landing on the surface.[36] There, she met Kelly-087, Dr. Halsey, Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose (a Spartan she had thought dead for twenty-one years) and many Spartan-IIIs — most notably Holly, Ash, and Dante.[37] There they were assaulted by multiple Onyx Sentinels. The Sentinels attacked in groups of three, one watching and reporting Spartan tactics to the other Sentinels at three thousand meters in the air, and the other two attacking at close range. Linda was able to shoot the overwatch Sentinel out of the sky with aid from two M41 rocket launchers.[38]

Linda then accompanied the rest of the human survivors as they used one of Bloodied Spirit's Type-25 Spirits to reach a massive underground Forerunner city within Zone 67 on Onyx.[39] Once they had located Onyx's map room, Endless Summer assigned them on a mission to destroy a Sentinel factory, in which they succeeded.[40]

Translocating to another section of Onyx, they found Spartan-III Team Katana, who were trapped in Forerunner slipspace field pods. As such, the Spartans were unable to resuscitate them and fled to a chamber within Onyx's core, taking Team Katana with them, whilst being pursued by a Covenant army under command of Fleet Master Voro Nar 'Mantakree.[41] The Covenant forces assaulted the small group of Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs, who were holding their ground at a slipspace portal in the center of the core room. Linda was able to kill many Sangheili and Unggoy, but they were quickly being overwhelmed, and Kurt ordered a retreat into the slipspace rift while he stayed behind to make sure the Covenant did not follow them inside. Linda's final act during that battle was to shoot two Sangheili out of their Banshees before retreating through.[42]

Shield world and post-war missions[edit]

On the other side of the slipspace rift, the human survivors found themselves inside a massive micro Dyson sphere contained within a compressed slipspace bubble in the heart of Onyx.[43] After Linda and the rest of the human survivors had explored the sphere for several days—over three months in normal spacetime—they discovered a group of Huragok which helped them establish contact with the outside and eventually bring the sphere back into normal space.[44] They were then recovered by the ONI team Kilo-Five and taken to a debriefing in HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 aboard the UNSC Port Stanley.[45] She, along with the rest of the surviving SPARTAN-IIs, was present in the Voi Memorial ceremony on March 3, 2553.[46]

In May 2553, Linda and the rest of Blue Team were attached to the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion sent to investigate a disturbance on the planet Gao and retrieve a Forerunner ancilla housed on the planet.[47]

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In the post-war years to follow, Blue Team—comprising Linda, Fred and Kelly—was redeployed to the outer edges of human space to eliminate remaining pockets of hostile Covenant resistance. These operations were highly classified and under ONI's direct oversight.[1]

Gamma Halo[edit]

Linda and the rest of Blue Team onboard a GA-TL1 Longsword.

On July 26, 2557, Linda, Kelly, and Fred were reunited with John for a mission to Installation 03 to investigate a recent attack on a UNSC science team as well as Spartan-II Black Team on the ring. Soon after their arrival Linda found tracks left by a Promethean Crawler. Fred and Linda found the bodies of Team Black while John and Kelly found the scientists. Shortly after they left the camp they were attacked by Promethean Knights, but managed to fend them off. They continued following the Crawlers' tracks and came to where the Composer was originally located. They soon found the Composer's Abyss where they entered a portal.[48]

The portal transported the Spartans into a deserted Forerunner city, where they soon found the Composer's Forge and six intact Composers housed therein. The Didact confronted the Spartans and a firefight ensued as the Didact summoned an army of Promethean forces to the site. While Linda and the other Spartans battled the Prometheans, the Didact departed toward the portal, now in the possession of a new Composer and Installation 03—moved over the Forge by the monitor 859 Static Carillon—which he planned to use against Earth. Blue Team pursued the Forerunner through the portal back to Gamma Halo. Upon their return to the surface, the Didact attacked the Spartans, intending to kill them personally.[49] Before he could kill John, Linda and Kelly attacked the Didact. He blasted Kelly away and tackled Linda to the ground, disabling the Spartans. However, before the Didact could finish them off, Static Carillon appeared behind the Forerunner and disabled him with his laser. Then the monitor teleported the Didact to Gamma Halo's control room to prevent him from killing the Spartans. While John went to pursue the Didact, Linda and the rest of Blue Team returned to their Longsword. After John succeeded in "containing" the Didact, Static Carillon teleported himself and John into Blue Team's Longsword. The monitor left to repair the ring while Blue Team returned to Earth.[50]

After John was debriefed by Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood, the admiral gave orders for John and the rest of Blue Team to have some rest after years of combat. However, Blue Team instead embarked on a series of classified missions unknown to Lord Hood on their own volition.[50][1] One such mission was an operation to secure intel aboard the ONI research vessel UNSC Argent Moon, where Linda and the rest of Blue Team encountered Covenant scavengers in contest for control of the ship.[51]

Personality and description[edit]

"I can take care of myself. And I can take care of the team's back. I've never let you down, sir. I don't plan on doing so now."
—Linda to John-117 before Operation: FIRST STRIKE[52]
Linda in her GEN2 Argus armor.

Linda is notorious for her unparalleled abilities with the sniper rifle; John-117 and Fred-104 have noted on several occasions that she makes sniping seem like an art. She never requires a spotter, and her accuracy allows her to pull off remarkable shots: on one occasion, she was able to take out several Covenant Banshees in mid-flight by firing between the gaps between the upper and lower sections. In addition, she once eliminated two targets so quickly that even the Master Chief couldn't tell who she had targeted first. She is notably the quietest member of Blue Team, excluding John, and has been labeled as a "lone wolf". John once described her as the emotionally "strongest" Spartan, as she does not rely on other members of her squad for advocating support on or off the battlefield.[2] She is also a practitioner of Zen.

Linda is very pale, with blood-red hair and emerald green eyes. These traits made her appearance notably distinctive among her SPARTAN-II peers.[2]


As of 2558, Linda wears the Argus variant of Mjolnir GEN2 armor, which is specifically tailored for her role as a sniper.[53] Her Spartan tag 058 is written in Braille on the left side of her armor chest. By 2558 her preferred weapon loadout is her custom-crafted SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle, Nornfang, and an M6H2 magnum sidearm.[54]

Production notes[edit]

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  • Linda is voiced by Andrea Bogart in the Halo 2: Anniversary terminals.[55] In Halo 5: Guardians, she is voiced by Brittany Uomoleale, with Bogart providing her performance capture.[56]
  • In the Halo: The Fall of Reach audiobook, Linda speaks with a southern American accent.
  • "Linda" is one of the name options for customized loadouts in Halo: Reach, along with the members of NOBLE Team and several other SPARTAN-IIs.[57]
  • Throughout the Halo: Fall of Reach comic series, Linda's ballistic armor and MJOLNIR suits are incorrectly emblazoned with the tag "-059". This tag actually belongs to Malcolm.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Linda's life signs can be seen onboard the level The Pillar of Autumn in Anniversary Mode on red terminals in both sections of the "Cryo B" control room, her heart monitors showing that her vital signs have flatlined. Her name, Spartan tag, and rank appear on the screen; she is stated to be a petty officer but her grade is not specified.
  • Linda is a playable character in Halo 5: Guardians. Her unique base attributes are the ability to have a motion sensor with smart scope, increased motion tracker range and faster shield and health regeneration rates.[58]


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