Emerald Cove

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Emerald Cove




Colonial Administration Authority

Technology tier:

Tier 3


Emerald Cove was a human colony world. During their training the Spartan-II were sent on an underwater mission to the planet with with Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. Mendez sabotaged half of the Spartans' air tanks; they stole his in retaliation. They then, as Anton-044 humorously said, "ditched him and camped out on an island for a week, with nothing to do but light bonfires, bake clams, and surf". It was a good memory they all enjoyed sharing.[1] The colony was also the homeworld of Michael Sullivan, Senior Communications Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence.[2]

In 2542 the UNSC abandoned Emerald Cove due to the threat of the Covenant, though it is unclear whether the planet was glassed.[1]


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