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Bikon Government, representing the CAA

Technology tier:

Tier 3


Biko was a human colony world located among the Outer Colonies, located roughly 24 light-years from the Cygnus system and 58 light-years from the Epsilon Eridani system.[1] It was home to the major population center Durban.[2] It was one of the first planets to be glassed by the Covenant, in 2526.[3]

After the battle over the planet, the debris field was pushed over the northern pole by the Covenant to allow their ships to glass the planet unobstructed. After the Human-Covenant War, the fetcher Oliver Birch visited the debris field over Biko, retrieving a "saddle box" from the UNSC Dresden, one of the cruisers that had partaken in the battle years prior.[1]

Some of the SPARTAN-IIIs of Alpha Company, including Carter-A259,[4] came from Biko.[5]


The colony may have been named after Steve Biko, a twentieth-century South African civil rights activist

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