Cygnus system

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Constellation: Cygnus
Bodies: At least 2
Affiliation: Unified Earth Government

The Cygnus system is a Unified Earth Government star system in the Outer Colonies. It is presumably located in the Cygnus constellation.

Within its system are two human-colonized worlds, one of which is New Jerusalem, the home of ONI operative Jilan al-Cygni.[1] The other human colony is Cygnus, Chyler Silva's birthplace.[2]


According to Halo: Contact Harvest, the system had not been involved in the Insurrection as of 2524; its stability is stated to be in part due to the uniform ethnic and religious makeup of the population.[3] However, in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Cygnus is described as having been embroiled in the Insurrection for years as of 2526.[2]

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