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Circumstance is a human Inner Colony planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, famous for its universities and courts of justice.[1] Circumstance, just after Reach and Tribute, was one of the first planets colonized in the system by the Unified Earth Government.[2] One of the universities on the planet was Koletre-Browning University, which Doctor Catherine Halsey attended.[3] Kurt Trevelyan was born in the city of Mira on Circumstance in 2511, eventually growing up in Kuiper, before being abducted to the SPARTAN-II program as Kurt-051.[4] When the Epsilon Eridani system was invaded by the Covenant in the summer of 2552, most of the population centers on Circumstance were destroyed.[5] The planet was likely glassed by the Covenant at some point during the invasion.[6]


In the Halo: Reach live-action short Spaceport, Circumstance is a destination listed at the Manassas Spaceport.

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