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Community Forum
TopicLast EditLast Author
What new media should I read before Halo 5? I'm kind of overwhelmed.06:15, 8 October 2015Morhek
Halo 5: Guardians (General)20:36, 1 October 2015Crisperstorm
The Guardians04:09, 21 September 2015Morhek
Brutes Should NOT Join Elite Covenant Remnant Factions19:37, 14 September 2015Anton
Conversations00:14, 22 August 2015Tuckerscreator
Halo Wars 2: There are those who said this day would never come00:31, 9 August 2015Morhek
Found two H2A characters with out pages01:58, 8 August 2015Lord Susto
Halo: Escalation Thread 2 (Issues 18-)02:42, 8 July 2015Siphon117
Halo: Nightfall (General)15:01, 23 June 2015S.g.ali
Hunt the Truth16:15, 18 June 2015DJenser
On GameInformer content00:46, 10 June 2015Sith Venator
The possibility of reversing the flood back to there original precusor state11:23, 6 June 2015Infernal Keeper
Halo: Spartan Strike17:21, 19 April 2015Erickyboo
Waypoint Announces New Publishing Deal04:29, 2 April 2015Imrane-117
Halo Online (General)12:13, 29 March 2015Jugus
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