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Biographical information

Date of birth:

c. 2533[1]




160 centimeters (5 ft 3 in) (age 12)[1]


70 kilograms (150 lb) (age 12)[1]


Black, close-cropped[2]

Eye color:


Political and military information

Spartan tag:





SPARTAN-III Beta Company


Petty Officer Second Class[2]


Lucy-B091 is a SPARTAN-III supersoldier of Beta Company.[3] She is distinguished by her comparatively small stature and her inability to speak, a condition she developed after witnessing her unit's destruction in Operation: TORPEDO.[4] She and her fellow fellow Beta Company survivor Tom-B292 subsequently served as Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose's aides and trainers for SPARTAN-III Gamma Company and fought in the Battle of Onyx in late 2552.[2] After the Human-Covenant War, Lucy and Tom were assigned to the new Spartan branch.[5]


Childhood and training[edit]

"Nuts to this."
—An impatient Lucy preparing to charge a set of gun turrets head-on rather than wait to come up with a plan during a training exercise[6]

In her childhood, Lucy's family had a pet cat.[7] She would also later recall a faint memory of a horse.[8] She was orphaned at age six when the Covenant glassed her homeworld and murdered her family. Lucy, distraught, volunteered for the SPARTAN-III program when Beta Company was initiated circa 2539 to get revenge on the Covenant aliens.

She was trained by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose and Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez at Camp Currahee on Onyx for six years. Lucy, along with Tom-B292; Adam-B004 and Min-B174, became Team Foxtrot, one of the organized SPARTAN-III combat teams in Beta Company.[3] On August 24, 2541, Lucy and the rest of Team Foxtrot participated in one of a series of exercises meant to filter out extra candidates the program lacked funds to train. Lucy and Tom appropriated automated M202 XP machine guns and with the help of the rest of their team, completed the objective. However, they continued to ambush several waves of their instructors before being forced to stand down by Chief Mendez and Lieutenant Commander Ambrose. Kurt commended them for their actions and they were accepted for further training and eventually Spartan augmentation.[9]

Operation: TORPEDO[edit]

Main article: Operation: TORPEDO
"How are you sure we're alive?"
—Lucy's last words to Tom[4]

In 2545, Lucy and the rest of Beta Company were sent on Operation: TORPEDO to destroy a Covenant refinery on Pegasi Delta. Before the mission, Lieutenant Commander Ambrose had intended for Lucy and SPARTAN-B170 to be deployed in advance for long-term reconnaissance, though this attempt ultimately failed and she was sent in along with the main assault force.[10] The majority of the company was killed before reaching the refinery, but Team Foxtrot managed to get to the refinery's reactor core. They destroyed the reactor, and only Lucy and Tom managed to survive by jumping into the ocean nearby, sparing them from the immense heat.[4]

Although the mission ended up as a 'success', only Lucy and Tom survived the battle. Adam and Min never made it, killed by the Covenant and reactor, respectively. Lucy, traumatized by the incident, was diagnosed with posttraumatic vocal disarticulation, rendering her unable to speak.[4] Because of this, she was to be classified as "unfit for duty," and reassigned to ONI's psych branch for "psychological evaluation". Kurt Ambrose rescued her from this fate, along with Tom, convincing Vice Admiral Parangosky that he needed Spartans to train Spartans. Over the next several years, Lucy and Tom became Kurt's adjutants and were instrumental in the training of the third generation of SPARTAN-IIIs, Gamma Company. They stayed at Camp Currahee and helped in the training until 2552. By early 2551, Lucy and Tom held the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. In February 2551 they accompanied Kurt aboard UNSC Hopeful to oversee Gamma Company's augmentations. By then they had recently spent significant time in microgravity which was noticeable from their gaits.[2]

Battle of Onyx[edit]

Main article: Battle of Onyx
"You two didn't survive Pegasi Delta to die here. There's too much left for you to do."
—Kurt Ambrose convincing Lucy and Tom to leave him[11]

When the Battle of Onyx broke out in late October 2552 with Onyx Sentinels attacking the humans on the planet, Lucy and Tom were based in Camp Currahee. After destroying one of the Sentinels in the camp they met with Lieutenant Commander Ambrose and SCPO Mendez.[12] Lucy accompanied Kurt to retrieve ordnance from his personal armory where he briefly contemplated on donning his old MJOLNIR armor, revealing to Lucy—to her great surprise—that the lieutenant commander was a SPARTAN-II.[13] They subsequently moved to El Morro Point and, after several days of guerrilla warfare against the Sentinels, met with Dr. Catherine Halsey and Blue Team. Lucy and Tom subsequently coordinated with Linda-058 to destroy a Sentinel overlooking the area,[14] before the group pushed deeper into the restricted Zone 67 and made their way into an excavated Forerunner city.[15] Pursued by Covenant forces, they were redirected to destroy a Sentinel manufacturing facility by Zone 67's ONI AI Endless Summer. The Spartans successfully destroyed the factory in an operation coordinated by Dr. Halsey via the use of local translocation nodes, with Lucy and Tom moving ahead of the others to destroy one of the facility's core components.[16]

After retrieving Team Katana, who had been placed in slipspace field pods, the group pushed on to Onyx's core room antechamber where they prepared to make a last stand against the incoming Covenant army to prevent them from accessing the slipspace portal into the shield world. After all of the other survivors had retreated into the portal, Lucy and Tom were the last to remain at Kurt's side. At first, she and Tom were adamant not to leave their mentor behind, but Kurt knocked Tom unconscious and managed to convince a reluctant Lucy into entering the slipspace rift. Before leaving, Lucy made a respectful gesture with two fingers to Kurt's faceplate but only managed a half-choked cry when attempting to verbally express her farewell.[11] She and Tom were the last to go through, before Kurt detonated two FENRIS nuclear warheads, denying the Covenant access to the shield world.[17]

Shield world and later career[edit]

Several hours after their entry into the shield world, Lucy was part of the recon team consisting of Fred-104, Linda-058, Mark-G313 and Ash-G099.[18] Along the way to the Forerunner structure her team was able to find food of some kind. The teams regrouped at a pair of Forerunner structures and after Dr. Halsey found the entrance to one of the structures, Lucy was the first inside. She found herself in a room with a strange, light-absorbent quality. The unexpected lack of sensory stimuli caused Lucy to have a sudden flashback of Operation: TORPEDO and she started to panic, only to be calmed down by Tom.[19] Shortly later, she spotted something moving down a corridor and chased after it. Anxious to find what she was chasing after she continued on looking and got separated from the rest of the team by falling into another room which appeared to be a hangar of some kind.[20]

In here she discovered what she had noticed earlier: a Huragok, which she accidentally killed.[21] Three other Huragok were present, and started to mourn the loss of one of their own. In order to get them to help her, she showed them her helmet. One of the Huragok attempted to communicate with Lucy by tampering with the helmet's systems but after several failed attempts at contact the Huragok and the others led Lucy to a nearby maintenance room.[22] Here, Lucy and the Engineer managed to communicate with each other using a data terminal; she learned that the alien was named Prone to Drift and that the Huragok had access to communications with the outside of the sphere and thus might be able to help the human survivors escape.[23] They also revealed that the passage of time inside the slipspace bubble the sphere occupied was different from that in normal space, and that the utility area Lucy had fallen into was located within another slipspace pocket where time elapsed considerably faster than in the rest of the sphere.[24] The Huragok then led Lucy to the other human survivors, who were relieved to see her as she had been gone for days in their time.[25] Dr. Halsey immediately began questioning Prone to Drift and became increasingly agitated as the Huragok failed to provide her answers or allow them to establish contact with the outside in accordance with their instructions. When Halsey began threatening the creature, Lucy had a sudden emotional outburst and attacked Halsey, repeatedly screaming "No!", overcoming her posttraumatic vocal disarticulation.[26] However, her ability to speak normally was not immediately restored although she managed to speak several individual words afterward.[27]

Soon after, the humans managed to convince the Huragok to open communications to the ONI ships outside the slipspace bubble.[28] Lucy and the other survivors were then taken aboard the UNSC Port Stanley by the ONI team Kilo-Five, and were transported to Earth for a debriefing in HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6.[29]

Lucy and the other remaining SPARTAN-IIIs were later offered the chance to integrate into the SPARTAN-IV program.[30] Lucy and Tom were assigned to the Spartan branch in August 2553. Their location remained classified following their reassignment.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

Kelly-087: "She strikes me as the unkillable sort."
CPO Mendez: "Yeah. She's a survivor."
—Exchange between Kelly-087 and CPO Mendez regarding Lucy[31]

Lucy is tenacious and resourceful, and Kurt Ambrose implicitly trusted her and Tom-B292 as his aides both in the training of Gamma Company and in live combat.[32] During her Spartan training she and Tom were both remarkably lively and fierce; CPO Mendez remarked that their toughness scared even him.[33] Lucy can be rather persistent and has demonstrated a tendency to act impulsively on some occasions,[6] which has later led her to question her judgment.[34] She is very compassionate and was greatly upset by the deaths of every one of her comrades; Beta Company's demise traumatized her to the point she ceased speaking completely and caused her to develop severe survivor's guilt.[35][36] During Operation: TORPEDO she initially refused to accept Min-B174's abrupt death though Tom was able to snap her out of her shock, allowing the two to escape the destruction of the Covenant refinery. Years later, however, Kurt correctly believed had a better chance convincing Lucy to leave him behind at the conclusion of the Battle of Onyx.[11] She was also greatly distraught after she accidentally killed one of the Huragok in the shield world and quickly befriended Prone to Drift.[37]

Lucy would stay completely silent for seven years due to her posttraumatic vocal disarticulation, only producing faint and indistinct sounds on some occasions, such as upon being intensely surprised.[13] According to doctors, Lucy was physically capable of speaking but over time, it became more and more difficult for her to express her traumatic experiences. Even though there were times when she wanted to speak Lucy felt that "her head was full of things that nobody else would understand or want to hear" so she would stay silent.[38] After years of silence, she found that she had thoroughly forgotten how to speak even when she desperately wanted to,[39] such as when attempting to say goodbye to Kurt.[11][40] Lucy had stopped subvocalizing or thinking in coherent language altogether and as a result she struggled to express herself through writing as well.[41] She would scribble short notes—including basic coordinates—but had stopped writing more complex information such as full sentences.[42] However, she would still communicate by signing,[13] Spartan signals and other forms of gesture-based communication. She also knows Morse code.[43] The UNSC personnel on Onyx could still understand her due to their experience in working together,[44] and she was easily capable of operating with the SPARTAN-IIs because of their already extensive use of nonverbal communication.[45]

Having endured through multiple hardships together, Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 share a close bond. As children, the two would sometimes scuffle over disagreements though they became close friends and an effective team;[46] this became more pronounced after they were left as the sole survivors of Beta Company and became Kurt's assistants and senior instructors for Gamma Company.[2][47] Tom was always able to understand Lucy in spite of her muteness[38] and acted as her more communicative counterpart when it was necessary for the duo to interact with others verbally or over COM, for example.[48]

Physical description[edit]

Lucy is one of the smallest SPARTAN-IIIs. By age 12, at the time of Operation: TORPEDO, she was only 160 centimeters (5 ft 3 in) tall and weighed 70 kilograms (150 lb) which was small for a SPARTAN-III of that age.[1] She has neotenous facial features,[49] dark eyes and black hair which she wears close-cropped,[2] and walks with a short, careful gait.[50] She has pale skin,[1] likely from being inside her Semi-Powered Infiltration armor for long periods of time; Kurt Ambrose noted that she and Tom spent so much time in their SPI armor he had difficulty recognizing them without the suits on.[2]

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