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Balaho Unggoy Homeworld.png

Star, position:

Tala, V


2; Buwan, Padpad



0.709 G


5.7 CO2, CH4, He

Surface temperature:

-33°C to 5°C (-27°F to 41°F)





320 million[1]


Tribal/religious hegemony client

Technology tier:

Native Tier 6/Adopted Tier 2[1]


Balaho is the Unggoy homeworld. It is the fifth planet orbiting the star Tala, a blue supergiant.[1]


Balaho is a mostly frozen planet with temperatures ranging from -33°C (-27.4 F) to 5°C (41°F). It has two moons, Buwan and Padpad, respectively the primary and secondary satellites.[2] The terrestrial planet has significant amounts of methane in the atmosphere, necessitating that Unggoy wear methane tanks while off-world. This gas prevents much of the world from being seen from orbit.[1][note 1]

The parts of the surface that are not covered by polar ice caps or fresh water are brackish tidal flats where naturally occurring pillars of fire exist. Most of the Unggoy live in this area where the cold season is not as harmful to them. The world is still recovering from an environmental collapse caused by massive global over-industrialization prior to the activation of the Halo Array.[1]


Before it was found by the Covenant, Balaho was mostly dominated by Unggoy tribes.[1] The planet was nearly glassed during the Unggoy Rebellion, which led to the species' surrender. The planet was later the site of the Sixteenth Unggoy Disobedience and presumably several other uprisings. After the Human-Covenant War, the Office of Naval Intelligence recorded no off-world transport from Balaho. Buwan appears to have since been abandoned and many Unggoy have been seen in Sangheili systems.[3]

Native species[edit]




Balaho means "swamp" in Tagalog, a major language in the Philippines. Unggoy means "monkey" in the same language.


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  1. ^ Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, about twenty-three times stronger than carbon dioxide, making very effective at insulating atmosphere. As such, it is strange that Balaho is so cold when the planet's atmosphere is composed mainly of methane. The most likely explanation is that Balaho is much farther from Tala than most other habitable planets are from their suns and is warm enough to support life because of its methane atmosphere. This also explains why it had not been engulfed when Tala expanded into a blue supergiant.


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