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Team Black
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Fireteam Spartan: Black,[1] often referred to as Team Black or Black Team, is an unconventional warfare unit of SPARTAN-II supersoldiers who report directly to the Office of Naval Intelligence, unlike their NAVSPECWEAP-oriented comrades.[2][3] It is composed of four Spartans - two female and two male.[4]

Late in the Human-Covenant War, the team was issued MJOLNIR: Black, which included components later incorporated into the MJOLNIR Mark VI[3] armor. Their armor was painted matte black, rather than the green color scheme normally used by NAVSPECWEAP-oriented SPARTAN-IIs.[4]

Team composition[edit]

Operational history[edit]


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While being trained by SCPO Franklin Mendez, Black-One and Three secretly had a romantic relationship. Victor was jealous of them and reported them to Mendez, who sent both to the brig. Red Team heard of this and tracked down Black-One. In the ensuing struggle, Black-One lost her left eye to send the message that her team should take their training seriously. Soon, Black Team gave Red Team a beating in return and were given a ten-day stint in the brig as a result. The team would never speak of the incident again.[5][6][7]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the Human-Covenant War, Team Black participated in numerous operations against the Covenant, including one where they destroyed a Covenant Citadel[7] and another in which they boarded a Covenant cruiser using C-12 shaped charges.[8]

Raid on Verge[edit]

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Black-Two rescues Three on Verge.

In mid-2552, Team Black was sent to destroy a heavily fortified Covenant mining device within the ruins of Ciudad de Arias on the UEG colony world of Verge, to cut off the supply of energy to ships blockading Tribute. Black-Two encountered an apparently non-hostile Yanme'e, and convinced the other members that they could trust the Drone for intelligence on the area. Hopalong, as the Drone was nicknamed, led Team Black through underground tunnels that were hollowed out by swarms of Drones. Black-Two, during their attack on the Mgalekgolo and Kig-Yar positioned by each anti-gravity pylon, discovered that the Drones were psychopathic prisoners rather than slaves as Hopalong led them to believe. Team Black was able to set C-12 explosives just before Hopalong freed the hostile Drone inmates. Although Black-Three struggled with the swarm and was ultimately rescued by Black-Two, the team escaped the area and the charges on the pylons were detonated.[4]

Line Installation 1-4[edit]

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Some time after the mission on Verge, Team Black was assigned to Operation: BLOWBACK, a covert mission to Sub-Sector 35 in uninhabited space, believed to be a significant Covenant supply route. They were assigned aboard the ONI-commissioned civilian mining vessel Long Time Coming, with their cryo chambers hidden among prospecting equipment, with a mission to board or allow themselves to be "captured" by any Covenant vessels in the area, gather intelligence and then destroy the ships from the inside. The AI construct Iona was also assigned to assist the team in their mission. However, on its way to Sub-Sector 35 in slipspace, the Long Time Coming was significantly damaged by unknown bursts of energy.

After the ship crashed on an uncharted moon, Victor was assigned to carry Iona within his MJOLNIR suit.[9] After Black-One was captured by mechanical Gatherers, Victor and Black-Three reluctantly allied with the Covenant forces also on the moon in order to rescue their captured comrades and proceeded inside the vast Line Installation 1-4.[10]

While they were closing on the chamber where the captives were being held, the Forerunner monitor of the installation, 686 Ebullient Prism, hacked into Four's and Two's MJOLNIR HUDs, tricking them into attacking each other.[5] Four was also reminded of his grudge against Black-Three and attacked him, before Three and Iona managed to remind him of the importance of his adopted family and snap him out of his tantrum. Meanwhile, Black-One managed to escape her cell with a Sangheili, Reff 'Talamee, and they found their way into the control room of the facility.

Three, Four, and Two then assisted One against Prism in the installation's control room. Black-One managed to destroy the Monitor with the installation's main gun, simultaneously bringing an entire Covenant fleet crashing down. Team Black then went out to fight the survivors so as to commandeer a functional slipspace drive to get off the moon.[11]


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