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"He says the sun was yellow. Then, when he was a baby, the People were taken inside. They lived inside walls and under ceilings. He says those People were brought here before I was born."

The Tudejsa, a word that meant the "People from Here" or simply the "People," were a collection of various human species who inhabited Installation 07 after being transplanted there by the Forerunners.[1] At least modern humans, Neanderthals[citation needed] and Denisovans were present, though due to isolation from Erde-Tyrene humans they seem not to have used the species names familiar to Chakas, and possessed less inter-species unity.[2] Likewise, although they revered the Librarian, they referred to her as "the Lady".[3] The Tudejsa lived across a number of environments in the Halo, such as valleys, jungles, and prairies, and had even built a rudimentary city on the installation.

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