CSO-class supercarrier

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CSO-class supercarrier
Reach - Supercarrier 02.png
Production information


  • Command and control
  • Planetary occupation
Technical specifications


28.960 kilometers (95,013 ft 1 in)[1]


11.447 kilometers (37,555 ft 9 in)


3.563 kilometers (11,689 ft 8 in)


Repulsor engine

Slipspace drive:


Navigation system(s):

Navigation computer


Unknown Covenant material




Several thousand

Chronological and affiliation



Covenant Navy


The CSO-class supercarrier[2][3] is one of the largest vessels used by the Covenant, primarily designed for command and control duties for fleets, as well as support for occupation forces. Such vessels are typically deployed only during invasions of worlds with high strategic value.[4] It is the largest known Covenant ship seen in the Human-Covenant War.


Overall, the supercarrier is an extremely large and well-equipped capital ship, easily dwarfing most other Covenant starship classes, even the assault carrier. The vessel looks nearly identical to the CAS-class assault carrier, as it is comprised of several bulbous sections and a hook-like prow. Along with the smaller CAS-class assault carrier, the CSO is designated a Class-Five flagship carrier by the UNSC due to its common use at the center of fleets.[4] Despite the ship's enormous size, the CSO is fully capable of concealing both itself and a small escort fleet with active camouflage.[1]

Multiple supercarriers of the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity defended the massive space station of High Charity[5] and one such vessel served as the flagship of the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose.[6][7] During the Fall of Reach, Long Night of Solace, a supercarrier, spearheaded the Covenant invasion of Reach as the flagship of the Fleet of Valiant Prudence, deploying numerous ground assets to the surface of Reach via spires and destroying the UNSC Grafton.

During Operation: UPPER CUT, Jorge-052 transported an improvised slipspace bomb toward Long Night of Solace aboard Ardent Prayer, a Covenant corvette, while SPARTAN-B312 locked course with the supercarrier. After SPARTAN-B312 was jettisoned from the hangar, Jorge manually detonated the bomb, destroying both the corvette and the supercarrier at the cost of his own life.[8][9]

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  1. ^ a b In Halo: First Strike, (both the original and 2010 printings), Ascendant Justice is consistently stated to be three kilometers long. This indicates that Ascendant Justice, despite being considered a supercarrier, is not part of the CSO class. It is also possible that the ship's identification as a supercarrier is a typographical error.


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