11th Marine Force Reconnaissance/ODST

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Are you looking for the 11th Shock Troops Battalion?
11th Marine Force Reconnaissance/ODST


UNSC Marine Corps


Special operations capable force


  • Deep reconnaissance
  • Direct action


Operation: BLIND FAITH


The 11th Marine Force Reconnaissance/ODST (abbreviated 11th Force Recon or 11th MFR/ODST) is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper unit that was deployed along with the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn during Operation: BLIND FAITH. They were tasked with the collection of Covenant and Forerunner intelligence and matériel.[1]

Service history[edit]

Main article: Operation: BLIND FAITH

During the Battle of Installation 00, troopers of the 11th MFR/ODST were deployed to the surface of the Ark to destroy an array of Covenant anti-aircraft artillery platforms that were overlooking a desert sea. The destruction of these emplacements allowed the Forward Unto Dawn to land near the cartographer building.[2]

During the Battle of the Citadel - the final battle of the war - shock troops of the 11th MFR/ODST punched holes in Covenant armored and artillery positions. They assisted Spartan John-117 and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson in shutting down the shield generator stations protecting the Citadel; meanwhile, the Sangheili assault carrier Shadow of Intent provided air cover and distracted enemy forces from the joint human-Sangheili offensive by firing on the shield with its plasma torpedoes. After their primary objective was complete, the allied forces proceeded to enter the citadel canyon with an armored push on the ground, consisting of human and Sangheili infantry forces and M808 Scorpions, covered by AV-14 Hornets and D77H-TCI Pelicans in the air.[3]


  • If the IWHBYD Skull is turned on, the members of the 11th MFR occasionally use the SPARTAN-IIs' all clear signal, Oly Oly Oxen Free.


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