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Biographical information

Began service:

January 7, 2530[1]


Female programming


Young woman with long brown hair.

Color expression(s):


Political and military information


United Nations Space Command


UNSC Spirit of Fire AI construct


Serina (AI Serial Number: SNA 1292-4)[1] was a UNSC "Smart" AI that was assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire, a modified Phoenix-class colony ship commissioned by the UNSC Navy.[2][3] Serina's avatar is a young woman with long hair and she speaks with a distinct British accent.[3]


After her creation, she replaced the previous shipboard AI of the Spirit of Fire in 2530. During 2531, Serina was present in the final battles of the Harvest Campaign, the Battle of Arcadia and the Battle of Shield 0459, providing the crew with intel on the various situations they encountered. After the destruction of the Shield World, Serina, along with the rest of the crew of the Spirit, were left stranded far beyond human-controlled space without a Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine. An unspecified time after the battle, Serina woke Captain Cutter up, stating that "something had happened".[3]


Serina has a very sarcastic and detached nature. She frequently seems to disregard the lives of others, even her own ship's crew - such as when the Spirit of Fire was slowly being pulled inside the Shield World - almost always responding to their peril with some curious remark or dark joke.[3] Although prone to sarcastic comments and exhibiting a seemingly uncaring attitude, she is more compassionate than she seems.[4]

She also appears to have a fascination with human relationships.[5] Knowing the crew of the Spirit of Fire may be on a one-way trip, Serina manufactured and delivered fake emails from family members to the crew celebrating Valentine's Day. No one ever suspected her of this deception.[4]


  • Serina was voiced by Courtenay Taylor, who also voiced an Army trooper in Halo: Reach.[6]
  • One of Serina's human memories is of kissing a boy. She possesses a theoretical interest in chocolate, which is likely also an artifact of her host's mind.[7]
  • Serina's line "Spinning up FTL drive" may be a reference to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, in which the phrase is used when the Fleet jumps.
  • Serina's British accent may have been chosen as a reference to Cortana, as the original draft of Halo: Combat Evolved's script had her planned to speak with one, but was later removed in favour of Jen Taylor's natural voice.


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