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For the Remember Reach short film, see Spaceport (Remember Reach)
Manassas Spaceport on Reach.

A spaceport, also known as a starport,[1] is a location on a planet where spacecraft launch and land, by analogy with seaport for seaborne ships or airport for aircraft. Spaceports may serve as transport hubs for cargo or passengers, or both. Spaceports are often located in the vicinity of cities, connected to them by highways or MagLev trains.[2]

Alternatively, commuters or goods may be shipped to orbital platforms connected to space elevators which serve as a method of transportation between outer space and a planet surface, a method cheaper than the use of rocket fuel to escape a planet's atmosphere. A shuttle port is a type of spaceport presumably used primarily by shuttlecraft.[3]

Known spaceports[edit]

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