A cut-out of Horatius.
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c. May 28, 2560

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Killed in battle by John-117[1]

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Served as an honor guard for the Harbinger during the Battle for Zeta Halo.


Horatius was an elderly Jiralhanae Warlord and Chieftain who fought for the Banished during the Installation 07 conflict in early 2560. He was a member of the Exodus Guard, a collection of Banished chosen by Atriox to return to the galaxy from the Ark. He was killed by Spartan-II John-117 during the Battle of the Silent Auditorium.[2]


Horatius was one of many Jiralhanae who accompanied Atriox to the remnants of Installation 00, where the Banished would learn about the existence of the Harbinger and the Xalanyn, also known as the Endless, whom the Forerunners had imprisoned on Zeta Halo. In November of 2559, Horatius accompanied Atriox back to the Milky Way as part of the Exodus Guard, after the Banished managed to open a portal to the Ark from Reach. Shortly afterwards, Horatius traveled with Atriox and his fleet to Zeta Halo. After Atriox's presumed demise, Horatius vowed to honor the warmaster’s memory and ensure the release of the Xalanyn. He spent the next six months under the command of Escharum, fighting the remnants of the UNSC on Zeta Halo.[2]

After the discovery and release of the Harbinger from her cylix, Horatius was appointed as an "honor guard" for the Banished's new ally while she worked to restore the Silent Auditorium, which she intended to use locate and free the rest of the Xalanyn. During the Battle of the Silent Auditorium, Horatius defended the Harbinger against Master Chief John-117. Despite the warlord's best efforts, Horatius met his end at the hands of the Spartan.[2][3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Horatius was rendered numb by the suffering his people had endured, from the Jiralhanae's induction into the Covenant all the way to the Razing of Oth Sonin. However, he was inspired by Atriox and Escharum, each a distinct generation leading the Banished, fighting to ensure the future and survival of their species.[2]


During the Battle of the Silent Auditorium, Horatius carried a gravity hammer, as well as spike grenades.


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