Particle beam weapon

For the Particle Beam Rifle, see Sulok-pattern beam rifle.
The particle beam of a Covenant beam rifle

A particle beam weapon is a type of directed energy weapon that uses a high energy beam of ionized particles to damage a target.[1]

Known particle beam weaponsEdit

The Forerunners utilized particle beam technology extensively during times of war. They developed such weapons as the Sentinel beam used by Aggressor Sentinels, which fires a stream of superheated, negatively-charged ions particularly efficient against small Flood forms,[2] and the Binary Rifle, used by Forerunner Warrior-Servants and armigers.[3] As well as small arms, the Forerunners created larger particle cannons for use in anti-air defense.[4]

Though the UNSC has an understanding of the technology, only the Covenant have employed the use of particle beam weapons, the most prominent being the energy projectors installed on their warships,[5] which are capable of dealing tremendous damage to ships[6] and planetary surfaces.[7] Some Covenant infantry weapons also utilize particle beam technology, the most common being the semi-automatic Zubo- and Sulok-pattern beam rifles, which are used as high-accuracy anti-personnel weapons.[1] The M'tara-pattern focus rifle is composed of a coil set and plasma generator core sourced from a Sentinel beam, which is wrapped in Covenant control devices and power converters. The barrel of the weapon is an elongated firing channel, through which superheated plasma energy is electromagnetically directed and accelerated.[8]


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