UNSC Welcome to the Snipehunt

UNSC Welcome to the Snipehunt
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UNSC frigate


Support for heavier ships, transport


Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

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UNSC Welcome to the Snipehunt is a UNSC frigate active in the post-war era.

Service historyEdit

When the Carrow Conflict broke out and the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe began unearthing the Sharquoi hive, Commander Greg van Eekhout triggered Gila Station's emergency beacon to signal ONI and the UNSC to there being a problem. However, as Carrow's slipspace relay was down, he could not signal the extent of the problem and knew that the first ship that would be sent, which ended up being the Welcome to the Snipehunt, would be overwhelmed by the forces in orbit when it arrived in a day and a half.[1]

Two days after the Battle of Carrow ended, the Welcome to the Snipehunt arrived in orbit. The Pelican carrying Gray Team landed onboard where they were given a hero's welcome by the crew after having been missing in action for six years. In a briefing room near the bridge, Gray Team met with ONI Commander Ivrin Yarick who offered Gray Team a deal pardoning them for their actions in exchange for their joining an interspecies team operating in the Joint Occupation Zones. Twenty minutes before the frigate returned to slipspace, Yarick was joined by Admiral Serin Osman who had joined the ship via Prowler. Yarick reported that the Welcome to the Snipehunt had scanned the location of the Sharquoi hive and hadn't detected any sign of any of the creatures surviving the detonation of the HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon, but warned that they should keep an eye on the desert just in case.[2]


The vessel's name references snipe hunts, a form of practical joke—usually performed while camping—in which a newcomer is tricked into hunting for an imaginary animal with varying descriptions called a snipe.

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