Faraday Base
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Facility information


Draetheus V


Military base


M5 Talos base turrets


Historical information

In use:

2554: Battle of Draetheus V



Controlled by:

United Nations Space Command


Faraday Base was a United Nations Space Command base on Draetheus V. Faraday Base was located on the border of an expanse of dense vegetation to the north and an enormous rock plateau to the south.[1]


During Draetheus V's colonization Faraday Base was established as the main military facility on the planet. During the Battle of Draetheus V in 2554, when Merg Vol's Covenant invasion force arrived, the first defense lines surrounding Faraday were quickly breached before the base's sentry turrets were fully operational. Spartan Sarah Palmer took to the field and almost single-handedly held off the waves of Unggoy suicide units crashing down on the thick concrete wall behind the defense lines.[1]

Later in the battle, some remaining Covenant forces remained around Faraday Base and reinforcements were arriving. Faraday Base had become heavily damaged after the initial attack. In the western sector of the facility, surviving UNSC Marines had set up defensive positions in preparation for another Covenant assault on the base. Sarah Palmer returned to Faraday Base just before the Covenant forces overran the Marines. Just outside of the base, Palmer secured several M312 Elephants. With the Elephants, Palmer returned to the Marines and helped them eliminate the surviving Covenant forces around the base. Palmer and the surviving Marines were then extracted from the base.[2]


The base is likely named after Michael Faraday, an influential electrochemist who created the Faraday cage.


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