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The High Prophet of Unity was one of the first Hierarchs of the Covenant, serving during the first Age of Reconciliation with the High Prophet of the Glorious Journey and the High Prophet of Excellent Redolence. He appeared to be the leader of the three Hierarchs, taking the center spot in meetings and being the most intelligent.[1]


After Mken 'Scre'ah'ben, the Prophet of Inner Conviction, returned from his mission to Janjur Qom, the three Hierarchs reviewed his report, including his loss of the Luminary that would have given the Covenant the coordinates for the Halo Array and claims that Captain Vervum L'kosur had attempted to assassinate him. When Excellent Redolence questioned why they should trust the word of the Sangheili, Inner Conviction argued that doubting it was a violation of the principles of the Covenant. Unity agreed that Vil 'Kthamee's word would not be rejected outright, but did note that with Inner Conviction admitting that he had lost the Luminary, it was difficult to not suspect that he may have muddled the truth about the report. Despite this, the Prophet of Unity admitted that it was probable that Vervum was an agent of the Ministry of Anticipatory Security, and had likely tried to assassinate Inner Conviction on the orders of Minister R'Noh Custo.[1]

The Hierarchs continued to question Inner Conviction until the former Hierarch Qurlom arrived and invoked his right to cast his opinion. Qurlom asked if the Hierarchs had seen the Purifying Vision of the Holy Path, and after Unity confirmed that they had, Qurlom stated that the loss of the luminary was a sign from the Forerunners that the Covenant was not ready to discover the location of the Halo Array, but the discovery of the Purifying Vision validated the Covenant's beliefs. The Hierarchs accepted Qurlom's interpretation and found Inner Conviction blameless for losing the Luminary. The Prophet of Unity then suggested that they view the Purifying Vision again, but Qurlom also informed the Hierarchs that the location of Ussa 'Xellus had been discovered.[1]

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