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Lieutenant Ryder is a commissioned officer of the UNSC Navy who serves aboard the UNSC Infinity.[1]


Takeover of the UNSC InfinityEdit

In 2553, insurrectionists led by Ilsa Zane acquired plans of the Infinity. In an attempt to steal the ship, they snuck aboard disguised as a construction crew and took Captain Andrew Del Rio hostage. Ryder and the rest of the bridge crew were also taken hostage and escorted to the Captain's ready room along with Del Rio.[1] From the confines of the Captain's ready room, Del Rio attempted to override the ship's lockdown. Ryder then tried to locate and make contact with Commander Lasky through a security panel. With the help of Jun-A266 and the other Spartan-IV's, Lasky was able to input his half of the override codes, which gave Del Rio and the other officers access to the bridge. After Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis cleared the bridge, Del Rio brought Aine online, who then activated the ships containment doors to send Zane and the remaining insurrectionists into space.[2]

Battle of Ealen IVEdit

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Ryder continued to serve aboard Infinity well after Del Rio was replaced by Lasky. In March 2558, Ryder was present onboard during Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood's diplomatic mission to Ealen IV. During the peace talks, Infinity lost communication from the surface. Commander Bradley asked Ryder for a tactical assessment but due to the plasma distortion generated by the planet, Ryder was unable detect anything on the surface. Unbeknownst to them, the delegation had come under attack by Covenant mercenaries.[3]

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