Moul clan

The Moul clan were a clan of Sangheili in the State of Varo on the colony world of Saepon'kal, and considered one of the more powerful ones in the region. At their apex, the Moul clan were the overlords of seventeen keeps, and they were ruled by a Kaidon.[1]



At some point between 2525 and 2552, the Moul clan's Kaidon announced his abdication from the position, meaning that the house Matriarch's eldest son; Azl 'Lamoul, was to be voted as the new Kaidon for the clan. In preparation for this role, Azl toured the clan's various keeps, ultimately falling in love with Olabisi - the daughter of the third keep's Matriarch. As he returned home, Asl intended to join the two houses and take Olabisi for the Moul clan's Matriarch. However, upon his return, the news was declared that with the Kaidon's abdication, the clan's elders had elected Unavaro - niece to the Marshal of Varo - as the clan's new Matriarch. Preferencing his personal feelings over those of his elders, Azl rejected this union, and that same night the Moul keep was stormed by the Marshal's assassins, assisted by a traitor. The assassins killed all blood relatives of Azl but left the young Azl drugged as to deny him the honour of dying with his bloodline.[1]

Azl was ultimately held hostage inside the Moul keep by the Marshal, who intended to make him watch as an heir of Varo was elected Kaidon of the Moul clan, with Olabisi as his Matriarch. Azl was then freed with the condition that if he ever sought revenge against the Marshal for this event, Olabisi would be killed immediately. Many of Moul's vassals and sworn swords offered their services to Azl to take revenge, but he was forced to turn them down and instead joined the Covenant military in its ongoing war with humanity, signing up with the Fleet of Certain Glory. Ultimately, Azl would prove his service by taking out his rage on the humans, and eventually joined the Silent Shadow - adopting the name Inslaan 'Gadogai.[1]

Four hundred cycles later, Azl - now Inslaan - returned to Moul to discover that Olabisi had risen to Matriarch of the entire state of Varo, while the Marshal had been killed in the Battle of Actium and the illegitimate Kaidon was serving with the Fleet of Righteous Vigilance.[1]

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