ITEM/466F41.LV was a report on Jun-A266’s survival from the Fall of Reach in 2552.[1][2]



According to ITEM/466F41.LV, during the Fall of Reach in 2552,[2] Doctor Catherine Halsey was successfully escorted to CASTLE Base, where she too completed her objectives. While not much else is known about the details of the report, Jun-A266 reportedly encountered elements of Operation: WHITE GLOVE, and a number of personnel were lost to a pair of Mgalekgolo as well as a squad of Special operations Sangheili.[1]


The report is one of the many documents that reported conflicting accounts of Jun’s fate following his separation from NOBLE Team at SWORD Base.[3] EXTUSR found the details of the report questionable due to contradictions with the Covenant artillery and orbital impacts at CASTLE Base.[1]


ITEM/466F41.LV was one of several reports recommended by Chief of Staff of Spartan Operations Jun-A266 to EXTUSR after they asked him about his survival during the Fall of Reach.[2] After reading the reports, EXTUSR returned to Jun and expressed their skepticism over the reports’ legitimacy, highlighting their contradictions with each other.[1]

Production notesEdit

  • ITEM/466F41.LV is a reference to the fan comic Halo: A Fistful of Arrows, with the events in the report being lifted directly from the comic. The "LV" part of the document name is likely derived from the name of the artist and author Levi "Leviathan" Hoffmeier.
  • The 466F41 part of the document name is the same as the color hex of a shade of green that is close to what Jun-A266 used on his armor in Halo: Reach.


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