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United Nations Space Command[1]

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Taught Evelyn Rousseau and Victor Gallardo how to fire a rifle[1]


Camila Gallardo was a human in the United Nations Space Command. She was the older sister of Victor Gallardo and Maria Gallardo[1]


Service under the UNSCEdit

After Camila Gallardo and her sister Maria finished high school, they joined up with the UNSC. During her service she once served under Evelyn Rousseau's mother.[1]

Leave on MeridianEdit

During leave, Camila often spent time with her brother Victor and his friend Evelyn Rousseau, teaching them how to fire her rifle, and going out to Brume Beach to shoot at sand dunes there.[1] While Camila and Maria were often not on leave at the same time, they both taught Victor how to throw a punch, handle a knife, and shoot a gun, with Camila telling him it was for "When the Covenant show up" the last time she was home on Meridian.[2]

Hurt on dutyEdit

Around 2548, Victor was told that Camila was hurt in Human-Covenant War, where to help his bad day he decided to creep on Saskia Nazari, finding a secluded cove for a film he was making with his friend Dorian Nguyen instead. Camila ultimately recovered from her injuries.[2]

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