Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Infinity/08


// 98604-72690-TL
// INF-101
// DATALOG 121259_6101
// --'failing isn't typically one of them'--

[Sound: Explosion. Alarm blaring. Footsteps.]

  • John-117: Shouldn't be much farther, sir. Hangar bay is ahead.
  • Marine: Chief! We've got two featherheads at ten o'clock. If you can cover me, I'll get a bead on them.

[Sound: Gunfire, followed by groans.]

  • John-117: Nice shooting, soldier.
  • Thomas Lasky: Chief, we've got Spartans pinned down across the way, let's get them some help.
  • John-117: Acknowledged.
  • Marine: There's too much enemy fire, Captain!
  • Lasky: On your feet, Marine. I've known the Chief to do a lot of things over the years. Failing isn't typically one of them.