Unidentified moon (Great Journey)

Unidentified moon


Unidentified binary star system


Unidentified gas giant


One sister moon[1]










Some centuries after 97,445 BCE[2]


"I loved the glory of the stars, and she adored the glory of the life that orbited them. This was the way it had always been, and the very reason we chose this world as our home."
Bornstellar reflects on he and his wife's reasons for setting on this moon.

This moon was located in an unknown galaxy that was far removed from the Milky Way. It was settled by Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting and his wife, Chant-to-Green, centuries after the Great Purification.


After Growth-Through-Trial-of-Change sacrificing herself to restore the Domain, Bornstellar, Chant-to-Green, and few other Forerunners departed the Milky Way Galaxy to an unknown galaxy and settled on a moon in exile, to spent the rest of their days in a simple life, technology free. The survivors were stretched thin. Chant-to-Green would give birth to her and Bornstellar's son.[citation needed]


This natural satellite was one of two sister moons that both orbited an impossibly enormous gas giant. The massive planet had a shadowy, roiling atmosphere. The second moon, visible from this one, was large and cerulean, casting pale moonlight. On the moon that was home to the Forerunner family, there were five seasons in a standard year, the third of which was Rainfall. Both satellites orbited the gas giant over the course of one of its years. The planet and its moons were located in a binary star system. The two suns produced uneven shadows of objects on this moon. The setting of both suns signaled the end of the workday for the family of Forerunners present.


The region of the world that was settled by Bornstellar and Chant lay along a brackish inland sea, which appeared crimson thanks to the coral that populated it. It was marked by healthy, mustard-colored earth. There were white-capped mountains opposite the sea and further inland as well. Shallow tablelands and golden rolling fields stretched for a large distance before the foothills of the latter mountains began. The sea was to the west and to the east there were deep and dark forests. A valley lay before the home of Chant and Bornstellar whose arable soil had been used to dig deep furrows for farming. The soil was fertile and easy to manage apart from the occasional rugged outcropping.

Bornstellar and Chant's homeEdit

The Forerunners' home was built directly into the rock of a grassy ridge with a long stony crest. From the top, one could look down upon the stable in the valley below. The home was framed up by heavy beams of lumber into helical compartments just below the cliff edge. Most of the living space was underground. A trio of copiously carved brown apertures were situated over the sea on the far side of the home which often captured the marine breeze. Inside, the residents slept on a mat in a straw loft and there was a wood-burning hearth that could be lit with an onyx flint.

Flora and faunaEdit

The moon's seas were home to a type of bright red coral which gave off the pungent scent of lavender. Bornstellar considered it to be the scent of the world, as gusts of wind would occasionally sweep across the shallow water where it lay and carry the smell inland. Also native to the world was a sweet-smelling flowering plant whose petals could be crushed to give off a pleasant and rejuvenating aroma. Bornstellar used a pipe to smoke these flowers. The moon's skies were the abode of flocks of gulls and large herds of indigo-colored oxen grazed clearings. Some of these were domesticated by the Forerunner settlers and used to plow fields.

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