Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Methane Wagon

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Flamethrower guitar attachment is on order.

The Methane Wagon is a support vehicle unit which can be deployed by Yapyap THE DESTROYER. It's slow, rickety, unstable, and the parking brake is a chunk of wood, but other than that it works as well as you would expect a Grunt contraption to. Whether by design or malfunction the Wagon emits a Methane Aura: clouds of infusion-enriched methane that enhance the aggression and damage of nearby Grunts, while confusing and reducing the damage of enemy units in the stinky cloud. The Wagon can also make special deliveries of enriched gas clouds by catapult—launching kegs with the Methane Delivery special ability. The aura and clouds can be upgraded with The Good Stuff by drawing upon illegal infusions stashed aboard by its party-hard operators. Unfortunately, these special brews are rather...volatile. The Methane Wagon will detonate violently when its structural integrity is compromised.

Yapyap THE DESTROYER dreams of owning a fleet of gold-plated warships to lord over the mean streets of Balaho. Well, Yapyap doesn't yet have the gekz saved up to afford that, so he has to settle for a souped—up Shadows in the meantime. But with a few more successes on the Ark he can at least upgrade them with aftermarket iridium plating, hubcaps molded with the face of legendary Grunt heroes, and massive spoilers which ensure the Great Journey can be travelled in style. Although it has not yet reached its final form the Methane Wagon's mix of combat and support abilities do make it the mullet of Grunt mechanized warfare: all business on the front lines, but party central in the rear.