Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Brothers in Arms II

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Plipbab, Grunt coordinator at High Charity crash site. Transcription Date: 6/4/2559

So anyway, I says to myself, "Plipbab," I says, "this is maybe not a good time to give angry Brute commanders bad news" and I start sneakin' away, but Pavium smells right through my sneak and does a growl. So now I know I'm in trouble anyway, so I just tell him about the exploding Grunts and do my most bravest cower.

And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be dead, but Voridus, he just starts laughing! And then Pavium starts laughin', and so I start doin' laughts too! And we're all havin' a great time and Voridus says it reminds him of a time he stole some Covenant weapons but they overcharged in the teleporter, and Pavium is laughing and says that he had to bail him out of that mess too, and then Voridus says it didn't happen like that, and Pavium says that it did, and then they're arguing again so I slowly stop laughin' and sneak back to my post.

So that's my story about when I didn't get in trouble and instead was best friends with Voridus and Pavium. Those guys are real scary - it's like the only time they're not fighting is when they're fighting with somebody else.[2/2]