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Limited Edition Halo Exclusive Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

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"My favorite thing about this product is that it looks like something a UNSC marine might carry on the battlefield. It's got [such] a nice rugged look to it that you could almost imagine it's a real time uplink or some type of tactical battlefield display. 343 helped us really nail the idea that, while this is a Personal Gaming Environment in our Universe, it's easy to imagine something identical to it looking like it belongs alongside a Warthog."
— Stephen Toulouse

The Limited Edition Halo Exclusive Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment[1], or Halo UNSC Vanguard[2], is a UNSC-themed self-contained portable gaming environment produced by GAEMES PGE, designed in collaboration with 343 industries. It is compatable with the Xbox 360 and PS3 Slim and features a 19" LED HD display, headphone jacks, and a durable case to protect against minor impacts[2]. It is an Amazon exclusive[1], and costs $349.99[2].