Archive:Letter - Re:Mortal Dictata

from Érick
to Karen Traviss
date Jan 25, 2014 9:12 PM
subject Mortal Dictata

Hello Karen Traviss!

I have recently read the final book of the kilo-five trilogy. In fact, I got it close to midnight and barely slept. I finished it the first day. I could talk about how much I enjoyed it and how much I enjoyed the exploration of Kig-Yar culture and such. But I guess I'll avoid that to take leas of your time. However there is an issue. In the epilogue, the doctor states that they face extinction by aliens, however it is dated march 2523, which is before the covenant came. Is it a typo? Perhaps the dates were inverted, 2532 night be the correct date. It would make more sense.

If you could shed some light on the date, it would be appreciated. Thanks for your additions to the halo lore and for your time.


from Karen Traviss
to Érick
date Jan 26, 2014 4:41 AM
subject RE: Mortal Dictata

Hi Erick. Thank you -- I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, it's a typo. (There are a few others, despite how many times a large group of us check the proofs. It happens.) It should be 2532. Thank you for spotting it -- I've asked the publisher to correct it for the next print run.

Best KT

Karen Traviss www.karentraviss.com