UNSC Training Facility Bravo

Taken by me in theatre mode on the Pit.
UNSC Training Facility Bravo

UNSC Training Facility Bravo, also known as UNSC B Training Facility, is a UNSC Marine Corps training installation located in the East African Protectorate on Earth.[1][2]

It is a large indoor environment with different close-quarters environments, including small buildings and tight corridors, that is used by veteran drill instructors who favor hands-on combat training, as opposed to more advanced methods such as a War Games simulator. Regardless, the training facility was later replicated into a War Games simulation by the UNSC.[1] There is a mock-up of a Kig-Yar Sniper on a three-story building, and also devices built into a wall that when triggered by nearby movement, will display silhouettes of armed Jiralhanae, supposedly to simulate a combat environment.

UNSC B Training Facility also has an airbase outside that has several D77H-TCI Pelicans along with a pair of M831 TT Warthogs and Scout Warthogs. The base also stores ASRGAM 10X missiles.

It had several labeled training sections, including M1, K1, and K2. The primary gates on the facility were to remain closed during training hours of 6:00, 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00.


It is the setting for the Halo 3 multiplayer map, The Pit. The Pit's Halo 4 remake, Pitfall, has an identical layout and similar visual design, but is set in a different in-universe location.


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