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Stun rounds are non-lethal ammunition used by the UNSC in training exercises. They were used on SPARTAN-II, SPARTAN-III, and SPARTAN-IV trainees.[1][2][3]

While the tactical training rounds typically used in the training of normal infantry are sometimes also called stun rounds,[4] the stun ammunition used in the SPARTAN-IIs' and IIIs' training are a distinct type of round, being rubber bullets[2] which numb the targets they hit by the sheer force of the impact alone rather than an anesthetic in the case of the TTR round.[5] As such, these rounds are potentially lethal at point-blank ranges.[6] Other nonlethal ammunition, including paint pellet rounds or narq-darts, were also used in the SPARTAN-IIs' training.[7][8] Meanwhile, the rounds used in the training of the SPARTAN-IVs seemingly inflicted a powerful electric shock on their targets upon impact.[3]


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