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Ares missile
Production overview


Anti-ship missile[1]


Ammunition type:

High explosive[1]


Tube/silo fired; Computer guided[1]

Service history

In service:



The Ares missile is an anti-ship missile delivery system carried predominantly by Colonial Military Authority warships, intended for engaging enemy ships in space combat.[1][2] The transfer of CMA military assets into the control of the United Nations Space Command would see it used by the UNSC, though seemingly eventually retired.


Unlike its successors, whose pods carry thirty or more missiles, an Ares silo carried only a single missile. Warships historically carried far fewer Ares missiles than Archer missiles.[1] Ares missiles were typically mounted on the ships of the CMA Navy while the UNSC Navy preferred Archers.

The UNSC's unnamed light destroyer classification carried seven Ares silos, each stocking a single missile.[1]


M35 Ares[edit]

The M35 Ares missile is employed as a weapon system aboard the Dilligence-class destroyer. The Dilligence carries forty M35 launchers.[3]

M44 Ares[edit]

M44 Ares missiles were employed during the Insurrection conflict during the 25th century. The Scholte-class missile corvette was designed by the CMA to carry two such missile pods, alongside a complement of M58 Archer missiles.[2]

M48 Ares[edit]

The M48 Ares missile is employed as a weapon system aboard the Hillsborough-class heavy destroyer. The Hillsborough carries fifty-six M48 missiles.[4]


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