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The website archives are a set of archives dedicated to archiving the various websites related to the Halo franchise on archives.halopedia.org.


This archive is hosted by Porplemontage and is maintained by us on the Halopedia team. The archive is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly, however if you have a request for a site to be added, please put forward a request in the community proposals forum and we will try to add that quickly to the archive.

Current websites

The below gallery is a list of what the current archive has:


Below is a list of issues you may experience on the sites:

  • Believe, Halo3.com, Jake Courage require a "Flash" compatible browser.
  • Xbox.com Jake Courage's "The photos" section was impossible to recover. Some of the photos and their lore however are currently on Halopedia on the Believe page.
  • The Xbox.com Halo 4 site is acting odd, we are looking into it to fix this issue.
  • Pre-Mission Evaluations require a "Silverlight compatible browser.
  • Pre-Mission Evaluations has issues with the main videos on the site, to compensate we have made a playlist of all the "Interviews" (even the parts that work) so you can still experience the lore as given in late 2009.